Calypso solutions as Add-Ons (Operational Components):

Calypso solutions as Add-Ons (Operational Components):


tethys™ (the calypso generic integration solution)  is a generic GUI- and Rule-based integration solution for implementing interfaces as Calypso-Engines. CalypsoML or the API can be used to import/export Calypso-Objects.  

Features and project use cases:

  • The logical data mapping is defined by an integrated mappixx solution
  • Instant use of the tethys-defined interface as a Calypso Engine
  • No computer programming necessary
  • The use of built-in adaptors (amongst others MQSeries, TIBCO, WebServices, FTP, emails) provides a direct interfacing to upstream and downstream systems. Also adaptors to the legacy-systems Opus, Murex, Front Arena and Summit are available.

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camoto™ (the calypso monitoring tool)  is is a centralized solution for monitoring the Calypso Logging-Messages on a decentralised network. camoto is provided in the form of an Operational Component . Here are the main features:

  • Monitoring all running Calypso (distributed) processes and engines (Logging)
  • Instant notification by event-driven mechanisms
  • Accurate location and description for the quick fix
  • Loggin-level filtered monitoring
  • Monitoring of Calypso scheduled tasks
  • Easy installation and operation

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The operational toolkit executes different system analyses for the identification of the optimisation measures in Calypso.


The regression test tool is based on Calypso system architecture, but it can be transferred to other systems. It includes the following automatic features:

  • Creation of test cases and Excel import of trades in Calypso
  • Test execution according to defined workflow
  • Automatic comparison of results and quick identification of errors for further analysis