We offer the following services for the processing industry with the following main topics:

We offer the following services for the processing industry with the following main topics:

ERP Business Management Systems

Based on our consulting services in ERP and CRM we offer a wide range of approaches in this field. Our services include flexible business solutions, complete integration, business specific functions, unlimited scalability, and remote collaboration.

Integrated ERP-solutions are the key to a successful and sustainable market presence. ERP-solutions consist of several process components which can be used to find and enhance new efficiencies. The applications combine single business processes to automated process chains, control the information flow and turn out to be the link to other systems in the intranet, between companies, and between suppliers and customers (B2B). 

The focus is the implementation and integration of commercial products of our technology and ERP implementation partners  which assures product independence within our consulting activities. We offer standard interfaces to all products of our partners. We continuously extend this portfolio of classical and innovative approaches, so that present approaches in the fields SOA and BPM are part of our services and projects. 

  •  Process analysis and evaluation like Sales, Manufacturing, Logistic, Finance, Traceability and Quality Management
  •  Process Modelling  in ERP Systems
  •  Process Modelling in ERP Systems like SAP, SAGE, Microsoft or Oracle
  •  Development, Test and Roll-Out
  •  Production and Application Support

Building Control, Smarthome, IoT

  • Cooperation with Architects, Energy saving consultants and Electricians.
  • Automation and control of buildings in connection with light, heating, shadowing and ventilation
  •  Modern and adaptable control using technologies like SmartHome and IoT
  • Using of Standards like KNX
  • Cooperation with universities and manufacturer
  • Training and certification