mappixx is an EAI-environment with huge advantages in connection and integration of different systems and interfaces. Mappixx provides a GUI-based platform for the specification and implementation of IT integration projects in case of functionally challenging systems (e. g. trading systems).

The interconnection of different systems requires integration, for small sized as well as for large applications. Mappixx provides solutions for e-business, application integration, xml-integration, data marts, and ETL projects which range from content aggregation to transactional integration. Mappixx assures efficient implementations with respect to costs, time, and quality in all integration projects.

The high challenges of integration and implementation of a multi-system data communication in finance require a high degree of functional competence and a precise transfer of the specification to the IT department for development.

mappixx is a communication platform between the business unit and the IT department. Design, documentation, tests, and validation can be executed within the business unit.

On the same mappixx platform the results of this work can be communicated immediately to the IT department for implementation. For the integration of different trading systems and financial products mappixx fully supports FpML. The integrated source code generator generates the coding for the assignment and data mappings defined by the business unit. This coding is ready for integration to the technical system environment.

Many available mappixx adapters (amongst others FTP, emails (POP3/SMTP), WebMethods, RDBMS, JMS, TIB, MQ Series) contribute to the implementation of an integrated IT solution.



castixx is a pure java middleware. The Group-Communication Protocol offers a communication platform for event-driven applications. castixx is JMS-compliant and can be integrated into systems supporting JMS.

Among other things castixx provides applications for content delivery systems, groupware, distribution of financial news and rates, fault-tolerant client server systems, and multimedia applications.

castixx uses multicast channels. The applications communicate by push/pull/subscribe communication paradigms. Communicating applications possibly running on different machines are interconnected by abstract channels without loosing the castixx-URL addresses.

castixx applications do not depend on server processes (no single point of failure) and thus provide a fault-tolerant runtime environment.

The following services can be made available depending on the specific application:

  • Reliable (guaranteed delivery) and unreliable multicast
  • Reliable und unreliable point-to-point UDP interconnections
  • Troubleshooting/debugging


erpixx is a PHP/Mysql based ERP-solution designed for middle-sized enterprises. The system executes processes not yet implemented in your enterprise and can be integrated as an operational component into existing systems. erpixx is a web based solution supporting all standard ERP processes such as reporting, process control, or different user roles.


KnoW@re is a component for analyzing and scanning of datasets of different sources (files, databases, intranet/internet), languages and formats. Moreover datasets can be classified into previously unknown clusters. This is particularly helpful in huge datasets without given classifications.

The value creation proceeds in three steps: data sources first are made accessible, then get enriched and finally individual data are made available in XML-format. Using xml opens the way to semantic relations within the retrieved information.